The New Coffee Evolution..?

Small Batch Artisan Roaster. Med, Dark, and some rotating Light Roast’s. Coffee fit for a Chemex pour over, we even have a Blend for the “Coffee Machine” crowd…

We highly recommend that you use our beans within 10-14 days. Our coffee is excellent for many brewing methods such as a Chemex, Pour over, Aero press or French press and even a “Mr.Coffee” coffee machine Remember check yo grind, or specify in the Cart..

In 2016, Balance will be introducing Nitro Coffee and Cold Brew!! The Balance Team:


Balance Coffee & Tea, Belleville, ILMarshall Morris is passionate about a number of things.. His kids, skateboarding, biking, hiking and of course, coffee and tea. He founded Balance in 2015 after being a Barista/Educator at one of the better Seattle coffee houses.  Marsh had a career in railroading in Illinois and the PNW for years before getting started in coffee. While in Seattle, Marshall founded Balance Coffee & Tea on the basic principal that tea and coffee can be simple, healthy and tasty.

Now back in the Mid West we are ready to ROAST, and blend delicious Tea.

Marshall’s favorite drink is the Mwanamke thru a Chemex.

Steffo Mitakides partnered with Marshall at Balance after hearing that he was looking to take coffee to a new level. Originally from the Bay Area, Steffo’s father owned SF based Mannings Coffee back in the day of drip in carafes. A longtime artist manager/high tech consultant, Steffo found common ground with Marshall with their love for great coffee drinks and old school hip hop. Balance got its start in Steffo’s West Seattle apartment. 

His favorite drink is the Cascade thru an Aero Press with a splash of whole milk. 



Balance Coffee & Tea

732 South Illinois Street
Belleville, IL 62220
Ph: 618.641.9900
M-TH: 6am-8pm
FRI: 6am-9pm
SAT: 8am-8pm
SUN: 9am-4pm

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Balance Coffee and Tea
Balance Coffee and Tea2 weeks ago
Psst! They're here! And chewier!

And we have fresh Vegetable soup!

Happy Thursday!
Balance Coffee and Tea
Balance Coffee and Tea2 weeks ago
Check us out on Park Bench! Thank you to all involved in the publishing of this article! We are honored to serve up some smiles in Belleville.